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playstation 2 games going obsolete?


ive been kinda “afraid” that the games for the PS2 will be going obsolete and the games won’t be available anymore.this is a problem for me cause i don’t want to move on to the PS3 (cause of things i’ve heard is wrong with it) or the wii cause it doesnt seem capable of much and is not a single-player console more family.what’s going to happen to the PS2 games?

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  1. Unfortunately, Sony is a company and like all companies they are trying to make money. Now that the PS3 has been out for some time, the PS2 is obsolete when compared to this new technology. As a result fewer people are buying and playing PS2’s. Because there is less of a demand, it is not worth the time for game developers to create new games for a fading console and because there are fewer new games, even fewer people buy PS2s leading to a snowball effect. Like all technology it is bound to be replaced by something better and become obsolete. If you don’t want a Wii or a PS3 there is always the Xbox 360.

  2. PS3 is amazing dude! and whatever you heard you must of got it mixed up with 360 because that has a huge list of problems! & it costs alot more than the PS3 because of all the addons you need to run it not to mention you have to pay for batteries & online play!

    Best console of 2008 & will sell like gold dust this year 2009

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  3. PS2 still is around, its just that playstation is focusing more on the ps3 for obvious reasons. i have a ps2 and it works fine. if i need to find more games ill ebay or go to a game swap place. however it will eventually be old technology like the gameboy and ps1.

  4. Well they will probably keep releasing PS2 games for at least a year or so but the amount of games being released and the types being released is going to go down. Already a lot of the games for PlayStation 2 that are coming out are simply downgraded versions of PS3 games like Rock Band 2, Call of Duty: World at War or are sports games. Granted there will probably be a few more decent original games for the PlayStation 2 but not a ton like more modern consoles.

    Now as to the modern consoles, you are correct in the Wii being more of a single-player or family console. Not saying that they aren’t multi-player games but Wii’s focus is more towards those categories. As to the PlayStation 3, the only noted problems have been Blu-Ray drives failing but that failure rate is below 1% of all consoles manufactured. The console that has had problems was the XBOX 360 which at least at one time had failure rates upwards of 30%, although they have decreased that number with revisions to the console.

  5. I think its time for you too think about upgrading.I had my PS2 since launch and 8 yrs later the DVD drive died out so I bought a PS3 and I love it.The PS2 is still a great system but its barely gotta year left until its obsolete.I dont know what you heard about the PS3 to make you think something’s wrong with it but let me tell you its the most reliable console I ever owned.Ive had mine for 5 months now and it has never gave me a single problem and ive played tons of DVD’s and Blu Ray’s and played games for several hours.If you get a PS3 it’ll make you forget all about the PS2 its worth every penny.

  6. Yeah I recently went to the swap meet wanting to sell some PS2 and Xbox games and they wouldnt even buy them, they said that a few amount of people buy them these days. I dont think they will completely stop making them that soon but if you want to stay in the game you should probably buy a new console. If you dont like the PS3 or Wii (Neither do I) Get a 360. I have one and it’s pretty badass.

  7. They will still have PS2 games. Companys still make money from selling their old games.

    There’s Nothing wrong with the PS3. Please tell me what is wrong with it other than the price tag?

    PS3 has.

    1. Free Online [Save $50 a year]

    2. Full 1080p resolution

    3. Built In Blu Ray [Cost $250-$300]

    4. Cheaper HardDrives to Add [Can add 320GB for only $60]

    5. Comes with a USB device to charge your Controller. [No batterys]

    6. Internet Browser

    PS3 is the best console out there right now. If you got the money, then it’s worth getting.

  8. Yeah, the PS2 will be getting less and less games as the years go on, and eventually, the PS2 will become obsolete, just like the PSX, GC, XBX, etc.

    There’s nothing you can do about it. If you want to play games, you’re going to have to get a next gen system. There is nothing wrong with the PS3. At launch, there was only a.02% chance of failure, and as Sony gets better with it, it’s going to have even a smaller chance of malfunction.

    Multi-player is probably going to be the next big thing. Pretty much all games have some sort of multi-player because gamers want it.

  9. You will probably have to buy the games second hand. But that will probably happen in a while & whatever is wrong with the PS3 will probably be fixed by then. I think your best bet is to get a PS3 then.

  10. That’s true. This is the last year Sony will be producing games for PS2. Last year was the last year for Xbox. So you’re really going to have to search for PS2 games. Probably at pawn shops or Ebay or Craigslist. I’m sure at some point it will be very hard to buy them because people are going to want to keep their games knowing that it will be very hard to replace them. I’m selling my PS2 and Madden 09 on Ebay right now and I’m just going to move on to PS3 and Wii. I like both of them. At some point, you just need to move on.

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