Home Playstation Forum Questions about the Ps3 network and system.?

Questions about the Ps3 network and system.?


So I already know that the ps3 network is already down. Yes I know but i need a clue and a hint when they are going to restore it.

1. When are they going to restore the network?

2, Are the going to charge us when they restore the network?

3. What are the positive things they are going to do when they restore the network? Example, they are making the PlayStation rewards.

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  1. 1. There are rumors that it will be back on may 3-4, but no one knows for sure.

    2. Naa i dont think theyre gonna. If they do, it will be very low price, or else they r gonna lose lots of customers

    3. Theres gonna be a manditory update when the network goes back on.

    First of all, auto sign-in is not gonna be available anymore, i kno tat cuz sony stated tat.

    Everyone will need to change their passwords, part of the update.

  2. 1) This week, the goal is Tuesday.

    2) No, standard PSN will still be free.

    3) PS+ Free 30 Days, free content, etc.

    [url is not allowed].

  3. PSN should be back up in a few days and they are not going to charge anyone anything also one of the positive things are also that sony is upgrading the security on PSN so hopefully PSN won’t get hacked again

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