Home Xbox Forum Which version of Xbox is the cheapest that can still play minecraft?

Which version of Xbox is the cheapest that can still play minecraft?


I would really like an Xbox but was told that I have to pay for it. I was wondering if there was a Xbox other than the 360 that will allow me to play minecraft. If so can you please tell me which site/store to buy it at. Thanks!!

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  1. The only Xboxes are the original Xbox (hasn’t been made for about 7 years and can’t connect to the Internet anymore so you want to avoid this one, it couldn’t even run minecraft if it tried) and the Xbox 360. For the Xbox 360 there is the older fat model and he new thin model. You can buy an old fat model used at a GameStop for about $100, but it has a high chance of breaking down and he hard drives for it aren’t very big. The new slims are your best bet. For the slims there is the 4GB model (no hard drive, 4GB of flash memory built into the motherboard, nowhere near enough to download minecraft and play anything else, plus getting a hard drive for it would make it way too expensive) and the 250GB model which has a 250GB hard drive which is more than you’d need to play minecraft. But even after at if you want to play Minecraft online you would need to buy an Xbox Live Gold member ship which is $60 per year.

    Pretty much you should buy the PC version of minecraft because an Xbox 360 is not worth it if the only game you’re going to play on it is minecraft. And anyways, the version if Minecraft on the PC gets all of the updates first and is ahead of the Xbox 360 version, plus it has more players and you don’t have to pay to play online, and there are mods you can download for free.

  2. you can play minecraft on a pc or a mobile phone, you really dont need a xbox to play minecraft

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