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64 Upcoming Xbox One Games of 2017-2018 | E3 2017 Update


64 Upcoming Xbox One Games of 2017-2018  |  E3 2017 Update


  1. Good Job but you forgot F1 2017 , The crew 2, Ace combat 7, Path of exile, Ashen, AD infinitium, Starlink.

  2. The hate against xbox is fascinating from a psychological point of view it seems like its just a mass psychosis. If it's not the mantra of "xbox has no games" which obviously doesn't work here so instead it has to be "xbox has no exclusives" but either way the perception remains the same. Sort of how a patient suffering from a schizophrenic break with reality has to continuously create a reality around themselves to keep the delusion going

  3. The whole "it's on PC so it's not exclusive" argument is empty and doesn't really hold much water, and I'll explain why, first of all these games can still be considered console exclusives, they can also be considered Microsoft exclsusives games like Crackdown Gears 4 Forza etc are only available on Xbox or Windows 10, You can't get them on steam, you can't get them on Nintendo or PlayStation platforms. Microsoft gives people the option to play their games on Xbox or PC. Secondly if a game being on PC means there is no reason to own the console or play the game on that console why do multiplats sell so well on consoles? Especially the PS4? All those multiplats are on PC and yet people play those games on PS4, Why? Why are Sony fanboys the first to brag about having superior multiplats? All those games are on PC though so why does it matter if the PS4 version is superor? You see this why I can't take the "It's on PC so it is not exclusive" argument seriously because if that is the case Sony fans should stop playing multiplats on PS4 because all those games are on PC.

  4. i hope all these upcoming games will put performance as priority and leave the bling bling to xbox one x

  5. Can someone do me a favor and tell me why people give a fuck about whether a game is exclusive or not

  6. that's great man 4 exclusives between now and next year planning to play all four of them lot of those third-party games look pretty good too

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