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can you put a harddrive off an xbox 360 pro onto a arcade xbox?


my xbox got the three red lights

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  1. Yes, you can.

    All Xbox 360 accessories can be used with any model of 360 — Arcade, Pro or Elite. The only exception is the HDMI cable, as only the more recent models of 360 have that port (the older Core and Premium did not).

  2. Yes. The arcade model has a cover that you just take off (this is there since there is no hard drive with this) and then you simply just connect up your hard drive.

    Bare in mind, you will need to sort the DRM out since you are on a different console. Some items will only work when connected to Xbox LIVE.

  3. Yes. Xbox 360 hard drives will work on any Xbox 360 configuration – Core, Arcade, Pro or Elite, regardless of whether it was included with another Xbox 360 or bought seperately from a retailer.

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