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Can You Use A PS3 From Hong Kong To Play Games From England?


if i buy a ps3 in hong kong.

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  1. yes PS3 are a worldround console, unlike dvd players, most of these machines are never made in england anyways, were rubbish with consoles, unlike places like hngkong, japan etc. it will be fine, my x box 360 is from hongkong and that works fine

  2. The Question u asked is like I brought a dress in Hong Kong can i wear in England. (Ha!Ha!)

    Sorry that I Blamed u its ok Doubts are USUAL PS3 is Universal it can be brought and played ANY WHERE IN THE WORLD.

    Dont u know that PS3 are also made in JAPAN and imported to many Countries where they are played there!

  3. PS3 games are not region coded which means u can buy ps3 games from anywere u like and it will work on ur ps3, the only problem u will face is language of imported games.

  4. Like most game stations, the PS3 has universal games. this means that all games are made using the same code. this means that it should play any PS3 game

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