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Catherine – Day 6 (Favorite scene)


*This game contains mature content*

This happens after the clock tower nightmare. Uploaded cause I really enjoyed this scene. Its also the reason why I love Laura Baileys voice acting so much. =3 Enjoy!

system: playstation 3 & xbox360
second playthrough

Catherine - Day 6 (Favorite scene)


  1. If it was real life and had to choose based on their personality and physical appearance I would have choosed Catherine.Things are diferrent in the game though.
    Catherine looks like the perfect girlfriend for me.She is cute,young,every time at your bed and beautiful.
    Katherine is cold,but mature and thinks logical.

  2. Well i don't want to make any spoilers but for anyone who has gotten the Catherine endings there is a reason she acts like that, and it is to throw him off a little also there really is no set good or bad ending it's all in how you perceive it and what suits Vincent best based on what decisions the player makes for each type of ending, Katherine, Catherine, there are bad, good and true endings, except for Freedom which has only two, good and True and all the endings reflect on the choices made

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