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Classic Game Room – RED FACTION ARMAGEDDON review part 1 of 2


Part 1 of 2: Classic Game Room reviews RED FACTION ARMAGEDDON from Volition, SYFY and THQ for Xbox 360, also available for Playstation 3 PS3 and PC. RED FACTION! This time it’s a bug hunt where you tear mars apart and put it back together again with your Nanoforge. In addition to a challenging and fun single player campaign those who embark on their Red Faction Armageddon on Xbox 360, PS3, PC and OnLive can also play Infestation Mode (which is a survival mode like Horde in Gears of War) and Ruin Mode where you tear everything to shreds for points. This Classic Game Room review of Red Faction Armageddon has gameplay from Red Faction Armageddon showing Red Faction Armageddon game play from Xbox 360 (also for PS3, PC and OnLive) in HD action with gameplay footage.

Classic Game Room - RED FACTION ARMAGEDDON review part 1 of 2

CGRundertow RED FACTION: ARMAGEDDON for PS3 / PlayStation 3 Video Game Review


  1. Hm, I actually prefer the linearity of this one over the former entry. Blowing up bridges is fun and all…but only for a few times. This game greatly enhances your geo destruction capabilities and the magnet gun and nanoforge just make it a lot better. I got bored with the barren wasteland of Guerrilla. I'd rather be stuck with aliens which I can cave in with a few explosives and hammer swings. But I'm probably in the minority.

  2. The very things people dismiss this game for compared to Guerrilla leads me to believe they never actually played the original PC/PS2 game, which was what actually made the game great. Seeing comments like "you spend too much time in a cave/mind and its not free roam"…..well, neither was the original.

  3. Wait?!  You didn't get to the point where the only weapons you used most the time was the magnet gun and sledge hammer?
      You suck…

  4. It may not have the same gameplay as Red Faction Guerilla but it's at least closer in story to Red Faction 1 than the abomination that was Red Faction 2. I can understand what they were trying to do with Armageddon: Getting back to the roots of Red Faction.

  5. I wonder if he knows about the easter egg weapon? If not he better fucking look it up otherwise i will get all the masons and chuck norris to hunt his ass down

  6. This game wasn't bad. Kt was fun for the first few hours, but then it starts getting really samey and repetitive, and all the game does to "increase" difficulty in later enemies in later stages is throw more higher numbers of baddies at you, which is just tedious and boring.

  7. Well didn't mean I thought RFA was a cover shooter. I just meant the feel of the game like how both RFA and Gears have that same Sci-Fi/Military feel, the whole sarcastic and bravado attitude of the characters. Some of the Aliens reminded me of the monster locust types like this really big Alien the Ravager I think it was called reminded me of the Berserker I could be wrong but I thought they definitely had some similarities.

  8. Gears of war? I respect your opinion but there is no cover system in the game. Dead space I agree too since the aliens you fight share a close resemblance to necromorphs

  9. Its a fun game just too easy i just blew through it on hard and only died once because i got stuck in a wall

  10. I liked you r review cause is right: The game IS fun. But i was really dissapointed with the story, the story was really stupid. Mason (this one) could have fixed the terraformer from the day it was broken (you do it at the end with the same tech u have at the beginning) and besides with the nanoforge powers he has he should be like a demigod among the colonist, but they treat him like a hobo-scavenger or something.

  11. before you read this keep note that i would like you to reply.i am really exited to get this game! im getting it for christmas and i want to know if its T and if its going to keep me entertaind for atleast 4 months.


  12. You I love your reviews!… your my hero!… games are ment to have fun and kill things! Epic review

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