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Dead or Alive 5 Review – IGN Reviews


Dead or Alive 5 Review - IGN Reviews


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  2. It's still not Senran Kagura: Estival Versus lmao. I didn't like all the male characters, just give me fan service, and great gameplay.

  3. i was playing last night and on the last few times i played through the arcade mode, the stages started repeating, i'd get the same 8 stages in the same order over and over, is that normal?

  4. I don't have the Vanilla version, but I do have the Ultimate version on PS3. ( For about a year or so ) & the free to play Core Fighters edition of Last Round on PS4.

  5. U provide a Detailed review of the game's fighting structure, but u have failed to mention one critical addition to this game- the Virtua Fighter characters!!! wtf?

  6. Alright have a little break guys and tell me if I can play this game on my i2 processor with NVIDIA LForce GX3. Please guys please help me! Freaks!

  7. Seriously I want to play Tekken v Dead or Alive with the Tekken mechanics and graphics. Also I like to see more male characters in Dead or Alive if they decide to actually make this game happen. I keep fantasizing about Lilli going against Hitomi or see Devil Jin going against Hayabusa, or Hayate vs Heihachi. Something really awesome like Tekken v Dead or Alive with tag team, where all the character from both games, and you pick and choose who want to have on your team. When the characters meet each other and what ever determine their destinys thats when they know either establish a relationship together or become foes. And may I include from those situtations maybe, they can make the some of the characters know of each other already, just how Tekken vs Street. Fighter was. I really want this to happen, especially they should also have character custom creation. Who's with a me?

  8. dead or alive 5 whatever the version you are playing ( ultimax , last round )the arcade is 8 battle in solo but in tag it's 5 battle max and both has no ending

  9. I really love this game so much, but I actually hate the Story mode because it's absolutely nonsensically weird.

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