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  1. Hey everyone thanks for checking out the review this is a interesting but way to short game that has some glitches I am sure eventually will be patched. I forgot to mention this is cross buy with Vita.

  2. This piece of shit finally got a non mobile release? Paid $10 for a runner that has zero depth and feel.

  3. I love you channel but this video was a bit off. From one creator to another (and with total respect), here is what I wished happened in this review:
    1) When you described things in the game, you didn't show me the right clip. For example, you mentioned getting items in the game but the gameplay footage shown was of you just running without a power up and I still have no idea what they even look like.
    2) You rated it 5/10 but you never went into why it was such a low rating, I felt like you were defending an enjoying the game until you said 5/10 and it threw me off cause I expected much higher given the context of the review.
    So I didn't dislike it (I even gave it a thumbs up) but I just felt those two things would have made it perfect. Sorry if it's comes out douchey but that's not my style. Thanks for the video!

  4. This game was one of the free games for gold games on the Xbox One about a year ago. I'm surprised it is just now releasing on the PS4. what's funny is even though I got it for free. I still felt like Deer God wasn't really worth my time… 9.99 seems far too expensive.

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