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How do you mod an xbox 360?



  1. Depends on the kind of mods your looking for, flash mods, chipped, case mods, etc. there are many types of mods out there for the xbox 360 and especially the original xbox.

    [url is not allowed].

    go to the site with the link I provided they give the most in depth detail.

  2. Legally (but still voiding warranty):

    1.) Open Xbox

    2.) find the 5Volt leads to the USB ports

    3.) Solder lots of LEDs into strategically cool places onto this 5V lead.


    5.) Profit

    Illegally and voiding warranty and getting your console banned from Live:

    1.) Open Xbox

    2.) Take out drive

    3.) Find appropriate Firmware for drive

    4.) Read security key from drive and patch into firmware.

    5.) Flash patched firmware onto drive

    6.) build drive back into console.

    7.) test if it works

    8.) Get banned from Xbox Live.

    9.) Buy new console


    11.) Profit for Microsoft.

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