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Is my xbox supposed to be getting this many updates?


Ive had my xbox for a while and its been working properly, installing updates when it needs too. but just recently i got my xbox live to work again (its been off for about a year or so) and now every time i try and play a game it says i need an update. and i swear, ive installed like 25 updates in the same day. is this supposed to happen?

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  1. If you say 25 times a day no it is not supposed to happpen. there might be something wrong with your hardrive. or some games like black ops constantly have updates. you should borrow your friends hard drive and check if it is your console or hardrive

  2. Most games do have updates when you put them in though you shouldn’t get more than one update for each game in the same day. They’re patches to fix glitches or to add in DLC updates. If you are getting morethan one per game, you may not have enough room on your 360’s storage device. Try clearing some space for them by going to My Xbox on the dashboard and over to memory under system settings.

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