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jills device resident evil 5 xbox 360?


I’m playing as Chris in pro mode Ndesu was hard enough but trying to get the device off Jill is doing my head in. Can anyone give me any advice.I’ve tried using handguns, magnums and a rifle but I just keep dying Sheva gets killed more often than not as well


  1. it’s a lot easier with another player and with infinite ammo and a strong pistol, probably not a magnum though. i say infinite ammo this way you don’t need to carry ammunition and instead can carry all first aid cans for when you do actually get hit. when you’re able to restrain her you just need to get a couple shots on her “heart” and after a few hits, you will be able to try to rip it off of her it takes like 5-10 tries so you have be on your toes for when it fails so you can dodge her attack.

    good luck. it’s one of the toughest moments in the game.

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