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Mass effect 3 deleted scenes


Mass effect 3 deleted scenes


  1. I honestly wish they used the last scene in the finished game, minus Ashley's fail of a haircut and Shepard holding his Avenger like a bow.

  2. That voice acting though. Plus, that alternate music when the Normandy arrives is incredible. I wish it had been released.

    EDIT: Nevermind, it's from Battle Los Angeles. The last 45 seconds or so of "Evac". Damn. It sounded so good!

  3. The Normandy arrival on Earth was badass, snipers covering you and shit.
    x2 better than the original- why is it not in the game?

  4. How can anyone say that anything here is better than what was in the game? The Normandy arrival scene in the game is one of the most epic moments in the trilogy, here it's just really underwhelming and ridiculous looking.

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