Home Videos Mass Effect: Andromeda Livestream (Xbox One) Female HARDCORE DIFFICULTY

Mass Effect: Andromeda Livestream (Xbox One) Female HARDCORE DIFFICULTY


Mass Effect: Andromeda Livestream (Xbox One) Female HARDCORE DIFFICULTY

THIS IS (not) AN OUTRAGE | Mass Effect Xbox One Backward Compatibility Comparison


  1. Worst ME ever. BUllet sponginess is real in this game holy fuck, takes a year to kill a single enemy. Fuck that game.

  2. Now that the game has been out for a while has anyone tried haveing the xbox 360 saves from the other Mass Effects to see if you get a bonus or any changes for their Xbox One experience with Mass Effect Andromeda?

  3. Questioning buying this game? No longer if you don't like racism of one of their developers, Manveer Heir. Check his twitter feed. For the record, the developers SUPPORT HIM.

  4. Can't decide if I should get this on my ps4 pro or pc tho my pc only has a gtx 1070 i5 6600k 32gigs ram want to run it in 1440p ultra will that be possible tho my i5 is oc 4.3ghz and my 1070 is also oc just under a 1080

  5. watching you fight with a pistol and that horrible sniper rifle, already known from ME3 for having shit recoil, was painful. You definitely need an assault rifle!!

  6. I can deal with harper walking around like she just took a dump standing , I can deal with the failed lip synch. I can deal with all the plot holes…I just cant deal with the plastic Barbie eyes. Those textures must get replaced asap. Hope day one patch does something about it. Im really hoping the patch will fix most of the weirdness in the ppls movement and those dang eyes…its like they are all dead.

  7. Its crazy how the environments look great but simple things like your character holding a gun is glitchy. Hopefully this gets patched.

  8. so I just realized that the citadel looks like an ancient torture device called "pear of anguish"

  9. Sad to tell you but it's not a remastered. This is running through a emulator so basically there will be no graphical difference nor performance vise. I'm not sure what you are trying to compare here to be honest with you.

  10. I just finished one play through. ME was more fun than I remember. I also thought that I noticed there were less loading times that I could definitely notice. Graphics seemed about the same.

  11. The game listing overall with in regards to the xbox 360 games being put out into the xbox one suck…
    Theirs no way users are voting for most of the trash offerings out of a 150 games only like 10 would even make the voting list if that…
    Microsoft had around a thousand titles available on xbox 360 at the rate their releasing the titles they better make em backwards compatible on xbox two and perhaps even xbox three ..
    Sad that microsoft is turning something that could've been great into a novelty…

  12. well if you are talking about performance in terms of specs in terms of mass effect just remember there has been FAR WORSE. If you speak of performance in terms of voice actors well I had JUST COME OFF KOTOR and we ALL KNOW Kaiden alenko=Carth Onasi and worse than that someone decided to RECYCLE THE TYPE OF CHARACTER so in terms of character performances it was wonderful over all with the exception of Raphael sbarge. the enemies were great going from the geth to the collectors(i know most of ME2 they were background NO ONE SAID PERFECT) to FINALLY the reapers were great steps in the series and ME1 may start off slow but it is a great game. I have one question. ARE ALL THE GLITCHES STILL IN PLACE IN XBO BC VERSION OF THIS GAME???!!!!!!

  13. The N64 emulator they use in the Rare Replay pack is also pretty spot-on even when compared to the N64 emulator on the WiiU… They have some talented emulator writers on the dole at Microsoft for sure.

  14. Take into consideration that the architecture of the Xbox one is very different than that of the 360. Essentially think of the backwards compatibility as Windows xp mode for Windows 7. There will be some performance issues as it is being emulated on a different system. I find it impressive that they pulled this off. If you don't like the performance then consider investing in the cheaper 360 or keep your current one.

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