Home Playstation Forum my ps3 wont update and. please help me out on this.?

my ps3 wont update and. please help me out on this.?


i have the latest software 2.76 and every time i put a game in, it tells me to install the latest version of firmware. but on system settings when i press system update, it says “There is no need to update, this has already been installed”. and no, they are not old games. even though this happens for all games, the 2 games im trying to play right now are COD4 and KZ2.

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  1. Call or email Sony. It sounds like a hardware problem. Did anything happen when you installed the 2.76 update, whenever you did it? Have you shut down the console improperly lately? You might have to restore the PS3 system, which probably deletes all your games saves and such.

  2. your best to contact sony support / u.s.playstation.com/support

    you should also back up your ps3 system on an external hard drive then you can reformat the hard drive and restore everything later if you need to.

    if it is a hard drive problem this is a great time to replace it with a larger one like a 320 or 500 gig

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