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Original XBOX Exclusive Games


  1. According to various game guides in the internet there should be an "alternate ending" in Galleon if you find all the treasures and secret swords during one game run.
    I did that, but there was no alternate ending. 🙁

  2. im trying to find the name of a game i used to play nearly 9 years ago where you play as a girl and its a (i think) survival 3rd person game and im not quite sure if they're monsters or creatures but they are some types and no its not tomb raider.someone please help me find my childhood memory.

  3. I used to have many x box consoles that I changed the outer casing to a more cool case on line & in those days there was a thing I believe called an xraid where someone figured that an original x box could be linked up to a PC to provide more computing power. Now the photos back then even showed multiple x box consoles to the PC for even more ample power. I might buy another x box for this…has anyone seen this x raid type of setup on line so we cab pursue it further?

  4. I love the Xbox and my absolute favorite game is Voodoo Vince cause its a platformer and thers some good soundtrack.

  5. Xyanide does have good graphics, but they aren't worth it due to the lower than average (even for the Xbox) resolution.

  6. I like how this dude has to keep reminding you that these games only came out on X-BOX. It's in the title dummy, move on.

  7. Now even possibly playable on XB1 via B/C "late this year"… BTW its showing "XB360/Xbox" in my games library after recent Preview Updater!!!!

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