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ps3 snes/nes emulator NO LINUX AND NO SWAP MAGIC?


hello i really would like a emulator of the snes or nes for the ps3 i have tryed linux but it wouldent back up on to the hdd so i would have to delete everything and i dont have swap magic i also tryed that blueray nes hack thing but i got some other error code PLEASE help me i dnt know what to do :'(

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  1. a $30 mod chip will fix any problem you have with the ps3. There are firmware hacks for the blu ra drive that aren’t detectable via online that will let you boot other media including the nes emulators written for the ps3. If you are going to use linux on your ps3 use a save exploit is the best way. The problem being the same as with the original xbox, the PS3 has a proprietary file system(not fat32 just xbox have fatx file system). So the problem is to get a linux build that is meant to run on the ps3.

  2. what blu-ray NES hack? if it was a legit hack, it has probably been patched against by sony already, which would explain the error.

    Best not to mess with hacks and mods, you’ll just get banned. Read the firmware EULA.

    What you did with linux is completely vague. What wouldn’t back up? Do you mean you don’t want to reformat? Pretty much everything can be backed up. Things like trophies are part of your account and are automatically restored on any ps3 your account is on. All you need is an external hard drive or a flash drive to use to transfer stuff. Format it in fat32, use the ps3 to create 4 folders: music, picture, video, and PS3 with a sub-folder export. Then copy all your stuff over onto an external drive, and when you’ve formatted, copy it back.

    swap magic only works for ps2 games on the 60gb ntsc, and maybe the 20gb ntsc. It might not even work anymore, I just know it did once. There is no nes emu for ps2 anyhow so swap magic is irrelevant. Swap all you want, you can’t put a disc with an NES rom on it and expect ps3 to play it.

    If you really want the emu, you are gonna have to bite the bullet and do the format, create a 10gb otheros partition and then install either ydl or ubuntu. I think ubuntu has better features. PS3 linux has plenty of support for getting SNES up and running. Here is the how-to, check the home page of the site to see how to install linux.

    [url is not allowed]

    forget hacks, they’ll just get you banned and the ps3 is too hack-proof for them to be reliable. Linux is reliable for emulators. Quake 2 works too. I wrote part of the quake2 section at that link, so add details if you have any questions about getting quake 2 working.

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