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ps4 or xbox one?


After E3 and Microsoft recently removing the gold requirements to watch Netflix and etc. And pretty having there own version PlayStation plus (games for gold) do you think Microsoft has leveled the playing field?

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  1. more or less, they’re both about the same in performance and (at least right now) neither of them has many games available.that being said I will probably be getting one eventually given I’ve been completely put off the PS4 by all the fantrolls in here and how disgusting they were about the XB1 when it first came out.

  2. Hello, so I’m going to help you, and note that im not a fanboy of any of these consoles, personally I own a Xbox.

    PS4: Pros:

    $100 cheaper

    slightly better specs

    cheaper membership that gives better deals and free games

    apps are free no membership required

    cross game chat is free

    better track record of reliable hardware

    better track record of picking up a lot of really good exclusive

    longer DVR recording

    faster game installs

    Cons: Online not as good of Xbox Live

    Less updates.


    better online


    MS is really good at timed COD DLC

    Very good exclusives (especially Halo)

    Big updates every month and Xbox are more active to listen to customers when it comes to online.



    More expensive hardware

    less powerful (very slight difference, its almost unnoticable)

    Oh Xbox one can run 1080p and 60 fps, just like PS4.

  3. Microsoft loves to steal your money, but I really like Xbox anyway. Most of my friends play on it and the exclusives are usually good. PS4 on the other hand, generally gets treated better by game developers for some reason, though (Like 1080p on PS4 but 720p on Xbox one) and is still not as good as Xbox as far as OS but is still a good console. I guess it depends on what you played before. I’m for Xbox One because I have an Xbox and Xbox 360.

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