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The Punisher: No Mercy ‘Playthrough [3/4]’ TRUE-HD QUALITY


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Part 3/4: Myself playing the Story Mode on the PS3 exclusive The Punisher: No Mercy. Plz note that I completed this mode once before this playthrough, which is why I have the rocket launcher unlocked. The game is very short, but for £6 it isnt that bad of a 1st person shooter, also completing the game using other characters unlocks you new weapons. Game includes full trophy support for all you ‘Trophy Whores’ lol You can play multiplayer with just bots if you want to get the hang of things, but the real fun is playing online….obviously not as good as Killzone 2, but still quite fun. An online game can have up to 8 players in it, with the usual Team Deathmatch etc modes, I have yet to try all the modes but I have played in ‘The Punisher’ mode, where a player is chose at random to be the Punisher, that player is glowing gold and he is the target for everyone and whoever kills him becomes the Punisher. Killing certain characters a specific amount of times while being specific characters unlocks you character costumes. In all its a good game considering how low the price is, its about 1/6 the cost of a normal game and still contains the main elements of a shooter.
Platforms: Playstation 3 Exclusive (PSN Store)
Published by: Zen Studios
Developed by: Zen Studios
Genre: Action
Number of Players: 1-8
Release Date:
US: July 2, 2009 (.99)
Europe: July 2, 2009 (£6.29)

The Punisher: No Mercy 'Playthrough [3/4]' TRUE-HD QUALITY


  1. Lol i know my commented sounds silly..but i mean..even in game like GTA or other games tht give you armor u don't die that damn fast lol

  2. This game need a lil more tweaks..wen u run outta armor u die wit two hits..damn! damn..But overall gud game 5/5

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