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What it costs Sony to make the PS4


What it costs Sony to make the PS4

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  1. Yea this might be the price for these components if you buy them seperately and as a regular customer but hey, this is Sony probably building millions of PS4. This means that they can buy all these parts in huge amount which will make them a lot cheaper 🙂

  2. They do it so they can cut Microsoft's Xbox out of the market. When they control more of the market, they'll be making tons off the games and stuff. 

  3. 33000 only??!!!???? EXPENSIVE. Pro is cheaper in US N UK. In America, pro is for 399. And in indian it is 550 dollers.

  4. Rinku bhai Yeh Jo PSP 4 Pro a second second hand virgin Hai Ya Hai Tu please mujhe bata do Sade 20 yaar mil rahi ho to PSP Pro

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