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What Should I Buy, Xbox360+kinect OR PS3?


Right now i am totally confused over what to buy! i have a friend who is willing to sell me his PS3 at a low rate with 2 games and i even have a ps2 also! on the other hand i want kinect as i heared that FIFA 12 and MW4 is going to be realesed for kinect! i really want kinect as it is something very different! so please help me out on what i should choose!

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  1. honestly buy a ps3 if ur looking to play online its free better competition but if u wan better graphics get the xbox i like m both but I’m an online player i got a ps3

  2. Get the xbox because there are way cooler games and its more fun to play online. I just switched from a ps2 to an xbox 360 and i think its amazing. Make sure you get the hdmi cord and have an hd tv.

  3. All these People are PS3 owners, and want to buy kinect but they aren’t able to! So don’t listen to these people and get the kinect bundle!

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