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Xbox 360 Longplay [120] Dante’s Inferno (part 1 of 2)


Xbox 360 Longplay [120] Dante's Inferno (part 1 of 2)


  1. Dante says he will give up all the pleasures of life and right after that he has sex with beatrice like wtf

  2. i need help I keeping trying to get Dante to jump after breaking the chain at 56:18 and at 56:19 i get him to swing to the chasm with no rope and i hold rb and double push a and he keeps missing, i have to restart it what am i doing wrong because if i let go of rb he stops swinging towards the chasm !!!!!??

  3. my God can you please stop pausing every time you find something or grab health even you don't need to. It really disconnects people from the story

  4. alguém pode mim ajudar, eu queria saber como é que faz ,para salvar o jodo, na quela istaltua que fica aparecendo, quando vc vai passando de fase,pra quando eu quiser continuar no mesmo lugar que parei, a qui no meu jogo não está aparecendo essas istaltua, então alguém sabe mim explica por favor?

  5. I REALLY like Dante's Inferno as a video game. It strongly resembles god of war, but I feel like this game is a lot more than that. There should be another version of this game in the future called Dante's Inferno 2. This new version can be about Lucifer returning to get revenge on Dante or something.

  6. So I never found all of Beatrice's cross pieces which is one of the many reasons I am watching this but you only get 600 Holy soul points for the Auto-Absolve? That is lame since you can get an average of 700 – 900 when you do it manually.
    Also, I think you forgot a demon dog or artifact or something at 1:44:58 in the upper corner you can see one of those wells
    To get it, you have to stand on the edge of the ledge next to it but there is the wall between you and that ledge so you need to drop and then quickly double-jump under and grab hold of the ledge. I only know you missed it because it took me ages to get it because I kept failing the double-jump so it is ingrained in my brain.

  7. So when I first saw the Unbaptized Babes, I did not know that was their title and I thought, "Why are these in Hell?… Oh these are probably drug babies or basterds." Nope, I was off haha

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