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Xbox 360 slim questions, PLEASE HELP.?


Okay so I purchased a used xbox slim 4gb off craigslist, it is only a few months old. I have been noticing some problems though, I can only play it about and hour maybe a little more with out it freezing. Can some one help me with this issue? Do I need to get a better fan or what? All answers are greatly appreciated. Thank you.

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  1. Is it on a carpet? If so remove it and put on a tv stand or table. Don’t constantly play it without a break as this gives the fan no time to cool down for its next use. The fan is fine because if it wasn’t then Microsoft would install a better fan in to their Xbox system. What would happen if we never had a break or only 2 to 3 hour ones every so often? We’d break down too. Make sure your giving it time to cool and do something else besides gaming.

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