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Any chance that there will be an update for all PS3s to play PS2 games?


Super Sack Boy.

The PS1 doesn’t even get updates. The 80 gb PS3 with 4 USB Ports has PS2 backwards compatibility through software emulation. So why can’t a PS3 get PS2 backwards compatibility through a firmware update. And yes I do have a PS3.

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  1. No there won’t be. There COULD be but sony has said many times that they WONT add ps2 backwards compatibility to new ps3’s

  2. Yes there is if its coming it going to have to be firmware 3.0 thats its last hurrah

    John Khoeler said the PS3 will not get backwards compatibility because PS3 users are buying it for PS3 games an that doesnt make sense because they took numerous polls for what PS3 users want an most of them said Backwards compatibility

    This makes sense John Khoeler would say this he was the same person to lie about the PSP Go saying there was no such thing before they released it

    If they dont do it its because they PS2 is still selling good

    an they just dont want people to stop buying those

  3. There’s always a chance. All Sony needs to do is to emulate the Graphics Synthesizer of the PS2. Some PCs can do it so in theory there’s no reason why the PS3 can’t, even if its only gonna run a certain number of games. Its difficult to accomplish because the GS runs so fast. Doesn’t necessarily mean its impossible.

    Patent filings for emulation of the Graphics Synthesizer were made public earlier in August so it seems Sony has at least tried it.

    I know Sony said they have no plans to bring it back, but they have lied about enough PS3 issues for me to not believe any words they say.

    And for the record, the 80 GB did not use 100% software emulation. It only emulated the Emotion Engine. That PS3 still had the Graphics Synthesizer chip since that was too difficult to emulate at the time.

    And if Sony really is making such firmware for the future, it will not be in the 3.0 update coming tomorrow. You wouldn’t see it until at least the PS2 console is dropped entirely, which won’t happen until at least the end of March.

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