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Help HD PS3?


Help HD PS3?

I went to the store circuit city and they have a tv stand that has a ps3 and allows customers to play demos. So i played the demo mlb 08 the show on for the ps3 on the tv they had and it looked awsome and so much more real than my ps3 on tv at home.

Can anybody tell me what the difference is, and what those t.v’s have that mine doesnt.

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  1. If you have a SDTV, the picture won’t be as good as the HDTV, they probably had in the store.

    Also, the cables can affect the picture. If you have the composite cables (the Red, White, and yellow cables your ps3 came with), you can update them to HD cables to get a even better experience, sound and picture wise.

    HDTV + HD cables = Best of the Best.

  2. It can be any of the following factors:

    *You aren’t using a HDMI cable at home

    *You don’t have a HD TV capable of 1080p at home

    *You aren’t using the correct setting at home

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