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How much would i get if I sold my Xbox 360 + Wii and etc.? read descrip!?


Okay i am planning to buy the new kinect and new xbox 360 slim. So far i have a

-xbox 360


-assassins creed

-army of two 2


-ultimate alliance

-forza motersports

– 1 wireless adaptor xbox

– 1 nintendo wii

– 3 wii controllers

– 2 nunchucks

– wii bag

– wii box

– super smash bros brawl

– winter sports

-brunswick bowling

-guitar hero 3

– 1 guitar hero controller

HOW much can i get from selling all of this?

im planing to buy this [url is not allowed]

please help me with this

stores like gamestop or something that excepts used items

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  1. For the new xbox slim, you can trade in your xbox and pay $90 and they’ll trade your xbox for the xbox slim. The kinect, I’m not sure.

  2. i would say 200ish maybe more for xbox stuff and i say somewher between 100 and 150 forwii stuff, this is what u probably will get if your lucky, game stop is pretty cheap and dont offer much for things u sell them

  3. This doesn’t answer your question but gamestop won’t pay you much. They usually pay a little over 50 dollars for an xbox console depending on what kind of HDD you have. They might give you a couple dollars per game. As for Wii I have no clue about the console and about the same as xbox on games.

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