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PS3 games – please help!?


Im going to get my ps3 today or tomorrow and Im going to get 2 games of my choice with it.

– My first choice is FIFA10

Now I have 60 dollars to use on any other game. Please choose which of these games I should get and why

-Assassins Creed 2

-Modern Warfare 2

-Batman: AA

-Uncharted 2


-God of War 3

-Burnout Paradise



-Madden 10

-Fallout 3

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  1. go for Modern Warfare 2. its the best game of the year. its awesome, and its online gaming is * cool! go for it, its the best.

  2. they are all good games, im in to sports so I would go with NBA2K10, also Im gettin Modern Warefare 2. however what i always do is I go to youtube.com and type in the game’s name with ps3 , for ex– MGS4 ps3, and you can watch some vids about the game that will give you ideas about the graphics and the way the game is played.

  3. you can get burnout paradise complete bundle in the playstation store as a downloadable version for $30 now – that’s a great deal if you are going online with your ps3 — I would get that and mgs4 – you should be able to get both for $60

    batman arkham asylum was my favorite game from 2009 so that’s one you should have at the top of your list too

    also consider getting $60 in psn cards if you’re going to have the ps3 online – with that you can get the burnout bundle and another 2 or 3 games – some great psn downloadable titles are battlefield 1943 , hustle kings , pixeljunk shooter , critter crunch , shatter , the last guy , zen pinball , call of duty classic , madden nfl arcade and more

  4. fallout 3 is a really good game and im not a fan of any of the others. you should go for modern warfare 2 i play it almost every day its so good

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