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PS3 Questions?


Like the the PSP can the PS3 get Vista on it?

Can register your phone if it has bluetooth instead of a headset?

Can you hook up a wireless router up to a PS3 for better internet connection?

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  1. I just read about someone getting Vista to run on their PS3, yesterday. Apparently its really bad. Takes 25 minutes to boot up and 12 minutes to open notepad, etc.

    Watch the video below for more info.

  2. You can install any operating system on the ps3, It has a entire menu devoted to “install other OS” on it. I put Unix Ubuntu on my ps3 just for fun.

    You can register your cell phoen yes, but I doubt you can talk through it or antyhing on the games

    yes you can hook up a wireless router via usb on the ps3 with no trouble at all.

  3. idk i havent put any programs on mine

    yes u can sync ur phone bluetooth and it will in chat rooms and in the games cuz my friend uses his girlfriends bluetooth and its works juz fine

    idk i think dat a wired connection might be better but wireless works juz fine it doesnt really make much of a difference unless u wanna put it somewhere that has no wires dat can connect to it

  4. I think you can get better connection with i wireless router because i have a wired one and i have crappy connection but my friend has a wireless one and he never has lag. So i would go with the wireless router if you can.

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