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rumors for the 360?


ok im a huge fan of the 360 ive heard to rumors going on through the xbox world heres the first one microsoft buying out EA because michael moore left xbox there think about buying out EA huh very iteresting and the second one metal gear solid 4 coming too the 360 huh even more interesting id like to get your comments on these two rmors thanks?

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  1. MS buying out EA is false. There is talk that EA is moving staff from 360 games to work on PS3 games, so that doesn’t sound like it’s being bought out by MS. Did you get that idea because Shane Kim said that the 360 was the only console where you can play Halo 3, GTA IV, and Madden 08? Well, read carefully between the line. What he said is true because Halo 3 is only for the 360, so the only way to play all 3 games is to get a 360. It’s like Sony saying the only way to play God of War 3, Madden 08, and GTA IV is get a PS3.

    MGS 4 going to the 360: Not going to happen. Hideo Kojima said that MGS 4 is a PS3 exclusive during Sony’s E3 conference. He should know since he made the Metal Gear and Metal Gear Solid series. Besides, if MGS 4 is going to the 360, don’t you think Peter Moore would have unveiled his new MGS 4 tattoo or do something like he did last year when he got Rockstar to release GTA 4 on the PS3 and 360 simultaneously?

    Who is Michael Moore? Isn’t he the guy that makes all those documentaries? Do you mean Peter Moore? I think he’s still with MS because he was the speaker at MS’s E3 conference.

  2. I hadn’t heard the first one – and I wouldn’t put much faith in it either.

    As for MGS4, I’ve heard it is coming to the 360 just a few months after the PS3 version. This shouldn’t be that big of a surprise since the other MGS games were (eventually) released on the original Xbox.

  3. well these rumors will really make sony unhappy

    If your rumors r true thats fantastic im a huge mgs fan

    with no ps3 but i have a 360 and if xbox does buy out EA mabey wii

    will finely and a good nfl football game with this deal

    mabey there will be a NFL 2k9

    wishfull thinking tho

  4. I doubt that EA will be bought out by Microsot, EA is the top selling top grossing third party developer, they release highly anticipated titles and deliver them across all platforms. EA has also bought out other smaller companies like Criterion the ppl being the award winning Burnout series.

    Also the Metal Gear rumor should have gone away after E3 07, the creator of Metal was at the Sony press conference and stated that it is exclusive to the PS3. Further more Sony has done much in securing it to keep it a exclusive and they have invested millions into the game which has been in the works for the PS3 for over a year now, Metal Gear isn’t a game that can simply be ported. On top of that Metal Gear is to Sony as Halo is to Microsoft, its a platforming/console seller.

    As Halo is expected to increase 360 sales expect vice versa for Metal Gear to push up PS3 sales.

    Rumors I think to be true is a Christmas/holiday price drop, added to the release of titles like GTA IV, Halo 3, and more as this will boost sales for the 360.

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