Home Playstation Forum what do you think of sony and this new ps4 bundle rumor?

what do you think of sony and this new ps4 bundle rumor?


apparently the ps4 is going to come out in 2 bundles.

1 is the normal 399 price one and the other is going to be about 500 and it comes with the ps vita.

they are bringing the price down on the vita that are sold with the ps4.

do you think this is a good idea.

from what i am seeing Sony seem to be doing things right.

they might make 2 bundles and would give us the choice instead of forcing it on us and they seem to selling this stuff lower than the price they should be selling it at which to me is a good move because you are more likely to buy something if it is cheaper.

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  1. Not to sure how much the UK price will be, If the normal price is £349 for just the PS, I’m not to sure how much the vita and the PS4 bundle will be

  2. I think its a good thing.

    The Vita is a good handheld even if it doesn’t have a giant game library at the moment and making a PS4 bundle with it included is a great idea to show customers that it’s not a bad handheld.

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