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Where to Pre-Order Blackops?


where would you reccommend pre-ordering Blackops from?





btw this is the first time ive pre-order and friends have told me that, when you pre-order it’s sent to your house, but the other says that you have to go and pick it up.

& btw if i where to pre-order from Game do i have a membership?

thaks guys.

need to know before sat. or sunday

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  1. dont listen to that other commentor, preordering games is a must, ESPECIALLY for a blockbuster game like call of duty black ops. its not a waste of money, its actually the smartest thing you can do. Last year, Modern Warfare 2 was sold out everywhere for 3 weeks after its release date because of its popularity, and black ops should be no different. Gamestop, Wal mart, and Amazon.com all offer preorders, and yes, you do need to pick it up in-store on its release date. Its also a good idea to preorder games you know you want because you get small bonuses from gamestop such as a flight suit avatar outfit and 2-sided poster, which are free when you pick the game up. You dont need membership from gamestop or wal-mart to preorder, but you do need an Amazon.com account to preorder games.

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