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Which Xbox one should I get?


I want to know should I get the Xbox one with the kinect or without and please explain why If possible

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  1. If you are planning on playing any games with kinect capabilities or are wanting to control the console with your voice then obviously the kinect version.

    If you have no desire to converse with a console or none of the games interest you, save yourself the money and opt for the version without.

    I got the kinect for the 360 and to be honest it sits there like and very expensive dust magnet. I opted for the xbox1 without kinect as I don’t want another expensive dust magnet! I know I will have to fork out if I change my mind but I can’t see me doing that!

  2. without.it’s cheaper and unless you want to play games like DANCE CENTRAL you’re probably not going to use it that much anyway.

  3. I like using it for things like Netflix, and snapping. There will be games coming out that use more of the features. The 360 one was a joke. this one actually does something. But if you just want to sit and game like the last gen, you would be ok without it.

  4. Get the Xbox One without Kinect.

    The Kinect makes the console $100, it’s very frustrating to use since it doesn’t work properly, and if you don’t want to spend an extra $100 if you don’t want to, it’s a smart thing to go without the Kinect.

    If money doesn’t matter, and you think you will be using your Kinect for Kinect games, go for it.

  5. Xbox one without Kinect. It costs more, and over time, you’ll stop using the Kinect. It’s good for when you and your friend are bored though.

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