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Minecraft worldguard config.yml

dsn: jdbc:mysql://localhost/minecraft. user: root. password: pass. table: blacklist_events. file: enable: on. path: worldguard/logs/%w-%Y-%m-%e-gamemania.com 22 Mar Check out the new WorldGuard documentation for WG 6+: A global configuration file will be generated at plugins/WorldGuard/e-gamemania.com For each . boolean, false, , Disables the death messages added in Minecraft Many of WorldGuard's features exist as configuration options (potion blocking, scuba mode Open up orlds/world_nether/e-gamemania.com and replace the file with: . Between the introduction of survival Minecraft and Minecraft (several years ).

11 Mar Hello! I disabled in the World Guard's e-gamemania.com: block-creeper-block-damage: false, block-wither-block-damage: false. 13 Nov True, but if I was to read through the config files of an example one then it would help greatly:) And actually Here is a e-gamemania.com Or did you. 30 Oct WorldGuard requires a version of the Minecraft server that supports the config. yml because some settings may need to be nested under.

World guard has a default config file located at "(minecraft folder)\plugins\ worldguard\e-gamemania.com" that will be used for all worlds that your server is hosting. This is. 26 Dec I put these in both the WorldGuard e-gamemania.com as well as the one specific to my server world, and dsn: jdbc:mysql://localhost/minecraft. Can do it via specific regions as well the WorldGuard flag is mob-spawning deny then or set it globally (per world) via the WG e-gamemania.com


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