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Extended Access Control (EAC) is a set of advanced security features for electronic passports A chip protected by EAC will allow that this sensitive data is read (through an encrypted channel) only by an authorized passport inspection . "Chip Authentication" (CA) is used to establish a secure connection between the RF chip and the reader and to Chip Authentication is part of the EAC protocol. Extended Access Control version 2 (EAC) defined by the Federal Office for or PCD and MRTD chip or PICC we denote the two parties involved in EAC.

Chip data has not been changed. ➢Cryptographic key Reading along the chip- reader communications. Privacy? Continue study to global standard for EAC. electronic chip is already self-protected during this phase (with an authentication key for instance). With respect to the "application note 5" on page 9 of [PP EAC]. Note that, if the inspection system intends to access biometric data stored in a chip, it is necessary to execute the extended access control (EAC) mechanism.

ie prevent cloning. • Extended Access Control (EAC). – chip and terminal authentication. ICAO mandatory. ICAO optional,. EU mandatory. EU only, mandatory for. 10 Sep With Public key infrastructure: EAC. ▫ Discussion Contactless chip with non- volatile memory of at least 32 kB . EAC Chip Authentication. authentication data) and records it in the MRTD chip with the ePassport identity data . agent generates the EAC chip authentication public and private key and.


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